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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jewelry gifts from my aunt

I received a lot of jewelry gifts recently. Nice receiving gifts from my dear ones without any occasion.:D               
Today I’m placing aunt’s jewelry gifts out here. She’s from Holland and last visited Suriname. I got this beautiful necklace from her. She told me that it’s worth 39 euro’s.

I also got this cuff watch from her; don’t know how much this is worth. Don’t think you should be asking how much your present is worth if u get a gift from someone.:)

I’ll place my other gifts some other time out here.;)
Merry X-mas and a beautiful 2011 to everyone, in case I don’t submit more jewelries on my blog for this year.
Enjoy your jewelry presents!
Hugs and kisses,

Friday, December 17, 2010


One of my best friends once told me that she’s not allowed to get out of the house without wearing earrings; her granny calls her back to wear them.:) If I don’t wear earrings, she always asks me where my earrings are. Hmmm…are earrings that important? I don’t mind not wearing them, but I love wearing them when going out.;) I recently made two sets of earrings which I’m sharing with you this time; my “Blue Twinkle earrings” and my “Pink Hoop earrings”.
These are my Blue Twinkle earrings.;) Hope you like them!

For my Pink Hoop earrings, I started with bending two pieces of metallic wires with a nail polish cap, so I could easily make the hoops. Then I curled the end of two other metallic wires joined by a clear bead.

The next thing to do was threading pink beads through a clear string and getting them through the bended metallic wires.

What do you think of my pink hoop earrings?

My younger sister is graduating today, so I’m in a happy mood. I’m attending her presentation in an hour. Wishing everyone a beautiful week-end!

Friday, December 10, 2010

White with Bordeaux pearlesque set

I had tried 2 other models for the necklace of this set which weren’t looking nice, so I broke those models and tried again. I was finally satisfied with my third necklace. If you don’t try out you won’t know how it will look like.:)
The string of the first necklace I had tried out was curling. The picture isn’t very clear, because I had taken my own picture in the mirror; my younger sister didn’t want to be my model.

The second necklace I had tried out didn’t look nice, so I had to break it again.

 I finally made this necklace, earrings, and stretch-bracelet set.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue sky twinkle meets green meadow - set

I had bought the beads I’ve used for this set, for lamp decoration. As I had spent my money on other things, I thought of buying the lamp some other time. That’s how I started making jewelry. As I succeeded in making my first pair of self-made earrings, I started making more and more jewelries, and I’m actually enjoying a lot creating the jewelries.

I had cut out disks from a plastic bottle for this set. You can use any plastic bottle to cut out the disks.

The perforating-machine I’ve used is probably as old as I am; I have used dad’s perforating-machine since childhood. It’s a very sturdy machine. I was afraid that I would break our new machine, so I used the old strong rusty one. After cutting out the disks, I had painted the disks with nail polish. You actually need a thick nail polish to do the painting. I had used nail polish in the colors lagoon and jade. Because I had used a clear plastic bottle, I only had to paint the jade nail polish on one side; the color is visible on the other side also. The blue lagoon nail polish actually wasn’t thick, so I had to paint the disks on both sides. I had slid the disks into pins with big heads before painting the disks, so the painting wouldn’t get spoiled. I actually did spill some nail polish on the sheet because of my clumsiness.

Get your 24 pc of Color Craze nail polish set from the picture link below.

You can also buy ready made disks from other materials if you don’t want to paint disks. I love working with nail polish, except for when it comes to my own nails. I’m not very good at polishing my own nails. When I want my nails to look special, I actually ask one of my sisters to polish my nails. They’re good in making nice designs. The set of Color Craze nail polish on the left is on my wish list. People have commented about this nail polish that it goes on smoothly. I actually love nail polish that goes on smoothly, and I love the beautiful bright electric colors, and it’s for a good price also. This nail polish set actually got 5 stars at Amazon.

This is the outcome after threading, twisting and tying. I do need pliers with a pointed ending, because it’s difficult to make round loops with big pliers.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun-day bangles/stretch bracelets

There was a lot of twisting in the making of these bangles. De metallic wire was too thin for a bangle, so I twisted a wire around 2 wires. When I was half-way twisting the wire of my first bangle, my hand really was hurting and I went to watch television. The pliers I was using would consistently slip, so that also sucked.

When I was almost done twisting my first colored bangle, the wire broke and I had to attach another piece of wire which caused a little bit of a bulge. I also had a blister on my forefinger and the top of my thumbnail was a little bit shattered. I need a pair of good gloves for this kind of work.

I also made the bangles in brown and white (looks a little bit cream-colored).

There’s an easy option in case you don’t want shattered nails and blisters. You can use arched metallic bars which you can thread together. If the bracelet fits well the bars will look like one uninterrupted bar. I’ve used round beads for this model instead of hexagonal beads.

Using beads instead of arched metallic bars also looks nice.

Which one do you like most?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flower-dice set

Making the flowers for this set was very time consuming. The eyes of the seed beads were so small that I was having difficulties getting the threads through them, so I had to search for beads with bigger eyes.   Sometimes, when I already made my flower I couldn’t get the stretchy string through the eye in the middle, so I had to get the stretchy string through one of the tiny holes next to the bead in the middle of the flower.

This is the outcome of threading the seed beads, the flower beads and the dice beads into a set of 5 bracelets.

I also made a matching pair of earrings…my second pair of self-made earrings!

My first pair of self-made earrings

Making earrings couldn’t be so hard; I can wear them at aunt’s birthday party soon.
I can’t find purple beads in the store in the matching purple of my blouse that I want to wear at the party; I’ll have to color clear beads. I can thread the clear beats and then attach the thread horizontally onto the arms of a chair, so the beads won’t stick to any surface and damage the painting. My matching nail polish is just perfect to paint the clear beads…the beats are now perfectly matching with my blouse.

The next thing to do is to thread the beads with strong crystal strings. Let’s see if my design will look nice by putting the first parts close to each other without attaching them.

Looks nice,…so I can also thread the beads for the other 3 identical parts. Now I have to attach the threaded bead strands in the middle to a vertical crystal string. The beads are sticking in all directions, so I have to attach the strands of beads into arches with threads. The last and final thing to do is, to attach the earring hooks. Tada….I have my first self-made earrings!!! I think it could have been better, but I’m pretty satisfied with my first time in earrings-making.