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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun-day bangles/stretch bracelets

There was a lot of twisting in the making of these bangles. De metallic wire was too thin for a bangle, so I twisted a wire around 2 wires. When I was half-way twisting the wire of my first bangle, my hand really was hurting and I went to watch television. The pliers I was using would consistently slip, so that also sucked.

When I was almost done twisting my first colored bangle, the wire broke and I had to attach another piece of wire which caused a little bit of a bulge. I also had a blister on my forefinger and the top of my thumbnail was a little bit shattered. I need a pair of good gloves for this kind of work.

I also made the bangles in brown and white (looks a little bit cream-colored).

There’s an easy option in case you don’t want shattered nails and blisters. You can use arched metallic bars which you can thread together. If the bracelet fits well the bars will look like one uninterrupted bar. I’ve used round beads for this model instead of hexagonal beads.

Using beads instead of arched metallic bars also looks nice.

Which one do you like most?


  1. my fav is the last one. such a pretty green :)

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  2. Beautiful :))))