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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wishing everyone a Merry X-mas!

Hey everyone!
How are you guys doing?
I’m good and I’m enjoying my holidays. Haven’t really worked on a blogpost, but I wanted to wish everyone visiting my blog a Merry X-mas!
I’ll show you my Christmas presents which I had bought for myself. First, I had ordered a pair of cute Hello Kitty indoor slippers from Avon. These are one of the newest indoor slippers from Avon and they’re very soft and comfy.

The second gift I bought is a pretty little friend from my sweet friend Andjenie. I met Andjenie a few months back, and she inspires me a lot. Although she wasn’t able to complete her study at the university, she has lots of talents which she uses to earn some extra income. Making beautiful bouquets and selling flower plants is one of the talents that she possesses. What I bought from Andjenie is a flowerplant named Phytonia in the Christmas colors red and white. My little friend had travelled all the way from campus to my home in the bus along with me. I have almost zero knowledge of flowers and I don’t really have green hands, so I had asked Andjenie lots of questions about how to take care of my Phytonia. I actually even didn’t know that this flower is called Phytonia; maybe it has some other name in English; have to search it up.

I’ve planted my Phytonia in a bigger pot and she’s swinging along with my mom’s Orchids in a tree. For now, she’s looking pretty healthy and I hope that she will bear lots of beautiful flowers. Everyday I pay her a visit to examine her and for a ‘hi’ and ‘hello’, cause it’s said that plants grow better when you talk to them.
I’m going to see if there’s anything interesting on television now. Tomorrow, I’m going to my aunt’s birthday party, so I think that I’ll have a wonderful time out there.
Enjoy your Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail trends I’ve tried

Hey everyone!
How have you guys been doing? I’ve missed you guys a lot! I didn’t post anything out here for some time, because I was busy working on blog posts for my blog TAKE A LOOK... ;
you can download free Quick Pages and/or participate in the giveaways if you guys are interested. It’s a bit difficult for me to do more then one post weekly. But this week I’ve been working on two posts.
I last tried two of this year’s nail trends: Laced Nails and Newspaper nails, which I’m sharing with you guys in this quick post.

Cut out a piece of lace in the shape of your nails and stick it on your topcoat.

Cut out a piece of newspaper in the shape of your nails, then apply clear nail polish and stick the piece of newspaper on your nails. Do use a good quality nail polish; the newspaper letters don’t stick well enough on nail polish that isn’t thick enough. Let the nail polish dry completely and then remove the newspaper and clean it up from your nails with water.

My favorite of these two are the Newspaper Nails. Cutting the lace in the shape of my nails is a bit difficult for me. When you try out the Newspaper Nails, you don’t have to cut the newspaper in the exact shape of your nails.
Which of the two nail trends do you guys like most?
Hugs and kisses,