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Friday, January 28, 2011

Shiny chains with crystals - anchor set

I started with threading clear beads together with silver colored seed beads through pieces of metallic strings and curling it at the ends.

The next step to do was to attach the chains to the button. The button had holes on the back, so it was easy to attach the chains with metallic strings. The final step was to attach the curling pieces to the chains and finally the closures.

I also made a bracelet. I’ve used a matching button with an anchor on it. To make the holes invisible, I threaded silver colored seed beads through a stretchy string going through the holes.

And finally my earrings; the silver plated chains actually are shiny. I had perfected the loops, but the final picture is still in dad’s camera. Sorry for that, I’m a bit busy working on my thesis and my thesis has priority. I’ll change this picture the next time I’m online.

This is how my 3-piece set looks like.

 I attached the set to a solid plastic board so the pieces wouldn’t be clinging to each other.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!
My cousin is celebrating her 21st birthday tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to it.
I enjoyed this week and the outing with one of my best friends.
Hugs en kisses!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Paper Clip Necklace

Paper clips keep papers together in a neat and organized way. I thought of doing something different with the clips, and so I made this paper clip necklace with silver colored clips. I used clips with a corrosion- resistant finish; perfect for a necklace without having to worry that it will corrode.

I twisted silver colored wires around the 50 mm paper clips, so the threaded beats wouldn’t slip out of the clips. I’ve used clear beats, clear and silver colored seed beads, and clear disks along with crystal wires for this necklace.

This is what I finally got out of it. I think it’s perfect for wearing at campus or at school and you can combine the necklace with almost every color. Though not to wear with clothing the clips will cling onto.

I took some detail pictures, so you can get a closer look.