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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pretty nails

What do you need?

To start with some nail polishes and a topcoat.

Step1: Apply one coat of one of your nail polishes

Step 2: Get a manicure sponge or some kind of other sponge that you can find. I used a sponge from the kitchen from which I cut out a piece. Apply the nail polishes on the sponge. Dab the sponge on some of your nails and apply a top coat over the dabbed nail polish.

Step 4: Get some nail jewels, stickers, glitter or any nail decorating pieces and decorate your nails which you hadn’t dabbed with the sponge. Apply a top coat over your nail decorating pieces.

Clean your nails and this is the end result. 

Hope you liked today’s post.
Wishing you a great weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Love to Be Cuffed

I recently came across polyvore’s website while browsing on the internet. Have you ever tried creating collages with polyvore? 
This one is my first collage with polyvore. Was fun creating this.

Love to Be Cuffed

Love to Be Cuffed by ssewdien featuring a cuff bangle

Wishing you a great and fun day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Laptop Bag

I wanted place this blogpost earlier, but was having internet problems.

I recently bought a KlipXtreme water resistant laptop bag.

Before this new laptop bag I had one from the brand Echo which didn’t last long. At first one of the strap hooks broke. My laptop was in my bag when the strap broke, but luckily nothing happened to my laptop. Next, the zipper snapped off.

From my experiences with my previous laptop bags, the first thing that breaks is the strap hook. I was using an old laptop bag for some time.
I hope my new laptop bag is sturdy. It has five main storage compartments. In the front compartment I can neatly organize my stationaries. I use the second compartment for placing my water bottle.

In the middle there are also two main compartments. I use one compartment for my laptop and the other one for placing my books, notepads etc. I love the shock-absorbing bubbles; looks and feels sturdy. There are also two slide pockets and a zippered pocket in the middle.

There’s also a back compartment, where I can easily slip something extras.

I did some research on sites where you can buy durable quality and sturdy stuff and having visited some blogpost reviews and reading some customer reviews I came across the brand Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer Holding, Inc. was established in 1920 and the headquarter is stated in the US.
Next time I need to get a laptop bag, I’ll know that I can look for one at One of the bags from this line that I like and which isn’t too expensive is the Daisy Messenger Bag. It doesn’t have strap hooks, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the strap breaking. I read that their bags are great for carrying at airports.
There are a large variety of items from this brand. You can also find clothing and shoes for men and women, travel accessories, camping equipment, essentials for the rainy season, nursery essentials, quality and durable strollers, car seats and gear accessories etc. Target also sells items from the Eddie Bauer line. The grapics are copyrighted, so can’t place them out here.

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Wishing you all a great day!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dressale Wish-list Not Legit

Hi everyone!

You must have noticed that I removed one of my recent posts about my Dressale wish-list. That’s because I recently contacted one of my GFC followers who has over 900 followers to ask whether she had received her wish-list. It appeared that she didn’t receive anything and that they are lying. So if you have created any blogposts for them I’m recommending to remove them, cause you wouldn’t want to make free advertisement for them. I’ve already warned some bloggers about this. If you google ‘Dressale wish-list’ you will notice that there are over a hundred Dressale blogposts, so do warn your blogger friends about this. Dressale asks bloggers to invite other bloggers to participate in creating a Dressale wish-list post and offer $5 for every blogger that successfully work with them. I was invited by another blogger and I had 4 bloggers on my list whom I invited, so sorry about this guys.

I’ve read some blogposts about bloggers who had hosted a giveaway for Dressale and it appeared that the winner couldn’t use the voucher. They said to order $200 in items in order to be able to use the voucher, so it’s not really a giveaway.

I’ve also checked some Dressale reviews on the internet and it appears that there are a lot of complaints on the internet about their dresses; complaints like very cheap quality, damaged (ripped, button or zipper broken), stain on the dress or wrong size, color or different dress. There are also complaints that they don’t do refunds or that they didn’t get all their money back after canceling their order and I also read some complaints that they didn’t receive anything at all. I also read some reviews that their support system doesn’t exist. So I think that it’s better to stay far away from this site.

Wishing everyone who celebrates Holi, a very happy Holi in advance!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

On the Ramp

When I was in India, I got the opportunity to be a ramp model for one night. I actually didn’t want to participate at first, but as they needed some more models I agreed. The institute where I was studying was celebrating their 25th silver jubileum. This had been a great experienced for me. I had bought a saree for my friend’s wedding, which I wore at the fashion show. How do I look in my saree?

I had bought these Elle nail pops which I had combined with black nailpaint from the Indian brand True Colors, which I bought for less then $1. :)

This is how the red nailpolish looks like. I was wearing it to the birthday party previous Saturday.

From the Elle brand I also had bought a kohl eye liner which I wear almost every workday and which I love. 

I amost have 100 followers on my blog! Yay…thanks for following everyone! I will definitely be following you back if I haven’t followed you back yet.

Hugs and kisses

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's been such a long time!

Hi everyone!
How are u all doing? I haven’t posted anything out here for almost a year! I kind of got out of my blogging track after studying in India. I have other priorities, so sorry for not having reacted on your comments. Love you all! Here's a video I recently uploaded on youtube. Big hugs to all!