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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dressale Wish-list Not Legit

Hi everyone!

You must have noticed that I removed one of my recent posts about my Dressale wish-list. That’s because I recently contacted one of my GFC followers who has over 900 followers to ask whether she had received her wish-list. It appeared that she didn’t receive anything and that they are lying. So if you have created any blogposts for them I’m recommending to remove them, cause you wouldn’t want to make free advertisement for them. I’ve already warned some bloggers about this. If you google ‘Dressale wish-list’ you will notice that there are over a hundred Dressale blogposts, so do warn your blogger friends about this. Dressale asks bloggers to invite other bloggers to participate in creating a Dressale wish-list post and offer $5 for every blogger that successfully work with them. I was invited by another blogger and I had 4 bloggers on my list whom I invited, so sorry about this guys.

I’ve read some blogposts about bloggers who had hosted a giveaway for Dressale and it appeared that the winner couldn’t use the voucher. They said to order $200 in items in order to be able to use the voucher, so it’s not really a giveaway.

I’ve also checked some Dressale reviews on the internet and it appears that there are a lot of complaints on the internet about their dresses; complaints like very cheap quality, damaged (ripped, button or zipper broken), stain on the dress or wrong size, color or different dress. There are also complaints that they don’t do refunds or that they didn’t get all their money back after canceling their order and I also read some complaints that they didn’t receive anything at all. I also read some reviews that their support system doesn’t exist. So I think that it’s better to stay far away from this site.

Wishing everyone who celebrates Holi, a very happy Holi in advance!


  1. Thank you for sharing this post!
    I had second thoughts too about posting my wishlist. I decided to do it, but
    I didn't invite anyone as I didn't know how this would really work and if it's real.
    I also had a giveaway with them with free dresses. As the giveaway isn't only on my blog, but they invite many bloggers to participate I don't know if they really give the gifts and I will probably not have a giveaway with them again.
    I have also ordered a dress from them, but I will never receive it and share my opinion about the quality as I was asked a lot of money for custom fee and it's not worth it.
    So, until now I don't know if this company offers what they promise. And although the problem with the dress wasn't their fault, I'm not going to shop from them again.
    I will wait and see what they are going to tell me in two days that it's the deadline for my wishlist.
    In the past it was hard for me to communicate with them. I hope it goes better this time.

  2. Maybe you can cancel you order. I read that someone had got all her money back through Hongkong concerns. Didn't do any research in this matter, so you have to find out yourself. Hope that you won't lose your money on the dress you had ordered. Kisses

  3. hi dear, i have also made this 400 $ thing at my blog, i was at number of 75 clicks till two days to my 1 week period (they have sent me screenshot for 75 clicks) after two days (i'm sure many of my friends have clicked) the told me not reached 100 clicks. I wanted to send me screenshot for the last total click number but they have not.So u are right removing the dressale posts and i'm doing the same right now.

    1. I had asked them whether I had reached 200 clicks after a week and they had told me that although I had a lot of visitors on my blog I don't have that many clicks yet and that I should encourage my visitors.:) Thanks for sharing your story Basak.

  4. Thanks for sharing this info. Following you know.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I had wondered if it was legit and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I didn't ask other bloggers to do it too. I was waiting to see if I'd actually receive mine first!

  6. I've been wondering if it was legit too actually, the woman who emails sounds pretty unsure about everything she is saying so I didn't particularly trust her! I'll take my down now I think, their site is pretty dodgy too so I'm definitely going to stay away from it!

    Thanks for letting me know!

  7. This is the reason I don't do product associations on my blog, I can't tell whether the sites are trustable and legit. Thanks for your honesty. Have a great week doll!

  8. Thanks for sharing this information! I've heard similar things about She Inside. It's good to know this!

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  13. i haven't ordered anything from this site and definitely won't too!
    thanks for sharing, dear)

    following you now, thanks for proposal)
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    love, Yulia

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  16. good to know!!! i haven't heard of the site but i'll stay away.

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  18. Thanks for this post! I also got an e-mail from them, but I didn't cooperate with them, because I had the feeling from the beginning that this shop in dubious!

    Maybe we can follow each other to keep in touch, if you want. Let me know :)
    Maybe we can follow each other, if you want! Let me know :)

    x Maria

  19. Thanks for sharing, i'll stay away from that site!!!

  20. I just heard about this website and I am sorry to hear about such a bad experience! Glad the word is getting out about this scam