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Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue sky twinkle meets green meadow - set

I had bought the beads I’ve used for this set, for lamp decoration. As I had spent my money on other things, I thought of buying the lamp some other time. That’s how I started making jewelry. As I succeeded in making my first pair of self-made earrings, I started making more and more jewelries, and I’m actually enjoying a lot creating the jewelries.

I had cut out disks from a plastic bottle for this set. You can use any plastic bottle to cut out the disks.

The perforating-machine I’ve used is probably as old as I am; I have used dad’s perforating-machine since childhood. It’s a very sturdy machine. I was afraid that I would break our new machine, so I used the old strong rusty one. After cutting out the disks, I had painted the disks with nail polish. You actually need a thick nail polish to do the painting. I had used nail polish in the colors lagoon and jade. Because I had used a clear plastic bottle, I only had to paint the jade nail polish on one side; the color is visible on the other side also. The blue lagoon nail polish actually wasn’t thick, so I had to paint the disks on both sides. I had slid the disks into pins with big heads before painting the disks, so the painting wouldn’t get spoiled. I actually did spill some nail polish on the sheet because of my clumsiness.

Get your 24 pc of Color Craze nail polish set from the picture link below.

You can also buy ready made disks from other materials if you don’t want to paint disks. I love working with nail polish, except for when it comes to my own nails. I’m not very good at polishing my own nails. When I want my nails to look special, I actually ask one of my sisters to polish my nails. They’re good in making nice designs. The set of Color Craze nail polish on the left is on my wish list. People have commented about this nail polish that it goes on smoothly. I actually love nail polish that goes on smoothly, and I love the beautiful bright electric colors, and it’s for a good price also. This nail polish set actually got 5 stars at Amazon.

This is the outcome after threading, twisting and tying. I do need pliers with a pointed ending, because it’s difficult to make round loops with big pliers.

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