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Friday, December 17, 2010


One of my best friends once told me that she’s not allowed to get out of the house without wearing earrings; her granny calls her back to wear them.:) If I don’t wear earrings, she always asks me where my earrings are. Hmmm…are earrings that important? I don’t mind not wearing them, but I love wearing them when going out.;) I recently made two sets of earrings which I’m sharing with you this time; my “Blue Twinkle earrings” and my “Pink Hoop earrings”.
These are my Blue Twinkle earrings.;) Hope you like them!

For my Pink Hoop earrings, I started with bending two pieces of metallic wires with a nail polish cap, so I could easily make the hoops. Then I curled the end of two other metallic wires joined by a clear bead.

The next thing to do was threading pink beads through a clear string and getting them through the bended metallic wires.

What do you think of my pink hoop earrings?

My younger sister is graduating today, so I’m in a happy mood. I’m attending her presentation in an hour. Wishing everyone a beautiful week-end!

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