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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My first pair of self-made earrings

Making earrings couldn’t be so hard; I can wear them at aunt’s birthday party soon.
I can’t find purple beads in the store in the matching purple of my blouse that I want to wear at the party; I’ll have to color clear beads. I can thread the clear beats and then attach the thread horizontally onto the arms of a chair, so the beads won’t stick to any surface and damage the painting. My matching nail polish is just perfect to paint the clear beads…the beats are now perfectly matching with my blouse.

The next thing to do is to thread the beads with strong crystal strings. Let’s see if my design will look nice by putting the first parts close to each other without attaching them.

Looks nice,…so I can also thread the beads for the other 3 identical parts. Now I have to attach the threaded bead strands in the middle to a vertical crystal string. The beads are sticking in all directions, so I have to attach the strands of beads into arches with threads. The last and final thing to do is, to attach the earring hooks. Tada….I have my first self-made earrings!!! I think it could have been better, but I’m pretty satisfied with my first time in earrings-making.

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