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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday gifts from my cousin

Previous month, I had got a pink bag filled with pink goodies from one of my cousins.

A jaw clip, a ring, hair pins and…

an eye shadow palette.

This palette is from the Chinese brand Luyisi. I actually don’t buy makeup of Chinese brands in general, cause mostly you don’t know what’s in those products. American and European makeup brands go trough some procedures, even when they’re made in China, so you know that it’s safe to use. This palette has 32 pretty looking colors. Half of the eye shadow from this palette, which is a powder eye shadow, has a shimmer layer on top, like a thin cake icing. Only the black doesn’t have shimmer on top. Beneath the shimmer you’ll find eye shadow without shimmer, so you can decide the amount of shimmer you want on your eyes yourself. If you once swipe with the applicator over the powder eye shadow, you’ll find shimmer less eye shadow. To keep some shimmer for some other time, you shouldn’t swipe with the applicator over the entire eye shadow, cause there’s not much shimmer. You can also highlight only some parts of your eyes with the shimmer or you can use the inner part of the eye shadow if you don’t want any shimmer at all.  This palette smells like good old traditional eye shadow and it’s long-wearing.
It’s not that high-pigmented as I like my eye shadow to be. I was wearing this eye shadow to the celebration party of my aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary past Saturday. I had helped with preparing the meal and the decoration in the daytime and I was wearing the powder eye shadow in green.

The other half of this palette contains glitter gel eye shadow. The gel takes the color of the powder eye shadow away if you apply it over the powder eye shadow. You can see this in the picture below. I was wearing the glitter eye shadow in green together with the powder eye shadow in blue at night at the party. This was the first time I had tried the glitter eye shadow and I didn’t know that it would ‘take off’ the powder eye shadow. I was feeling a bit tired and I thought that I didn’t have much time to remove my eye shadow and apply it over again. I didn’t want my sisters and my brother waiting for me, but it appeared that I had to wait for my sister to get ready.:) So I had pushed a little bit of the green glitter to the side for some highlighting and had applied the blue powder eye shadow over the gel eye shadow, cause there wasn’t a matching dark green eye shadow in this palette; this way the color of the powder eye shadow got brighter. The glitter can be used to highlight some parts of your face and/or body.

My score for this palette is a 7 out of 10.

Wishing everyone a happy Divali in advance!!! Divali is actually my favorite Indian festival. It is believed that Goddess Luxmi (Goddess of wealth and happiness) enters your home on this special day, so Hindus clean their homes and decorate their homes and yards with lots of lighted diya’s (little plates) on Divali to welcome the goddess into their home to bring lots of happiness and wealth into their lives. I still have lots of cleaning up to do. This is a picture from previous year I had taken in our yard. Have a great week everyone!;)

A prayer for everyone that visits my blog.;)
O great teacher God!
Save us from the path of untruth and lead us to the path of truth; keep us from the darkness of ignorance and lead us to the sun of knowledge; keep us from disease and death and let us attain the elixir of beatitude.


  1. Happy Belated Bday girl and amazing presents so cool.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and of course following you too now. Come visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  2. what a fun little purse! beautiful makeup too as usual. and um...did you mean to make the symbol of a swastika on your lawn? Hitler's sign for the Nazis? haha am I the only one that sees this? or maybe it's just a bad angle..

    The House of Shoes

  3. well it's a hi score for a chinese make up, so it means that it' s really good. Good to know!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday and Diwali! Two reasons to celebrate!
    The colours on this palette look really good

  5. Oh I love that goodie pouch. Also Happy Diwali. Those colors look great.

  6. What a lovely post, honey!Love the sparkle make-up!!
    Happy Belated Birthday and Diwali!


  7. Great eyeshadow, and happy celebrations!

  8. Hey Sara! You saw it right. It's the swastika symbol.;)

  9. Thanx for your sweet comments everyone. Love you guys!

  10. I don't think I've ever seen glitter gel eyeshadow so that's pretty cool! Hope you had a happy holiday!

  11. the eyeshadow palette is PRETTY

  12. Awww. Nice stuff. Like the bag.