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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wooden beads set

White is a color you can do beautiful things with. I had made a jewelry set with white and honey-colored beads which I’m sharing with you today. I haven’t done any jewelry making courses or studied books of jewelry making, but I think it’s easy to create your own jewelries without much jewelry making knowledge.;)

This Fancy Sparkling Cuff Watch in white from Avon is matching perfectly together with the set. It has an enamel-look and rhinestone accents on bezel; the ads say that it’s a sparkling circle of unity and perfection. I think it’s a nice everyday watch.
Make the best of your day everyone; time doesn’t stand still.;) The realization that I’m getting a bit older each day and that I’ll probably not be able to do as much in the future as I am capable of doing now, is what pushes me forward to be more productive each day.
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  1. Omg i love that Watch its soo Cute <3

  2. lovely jewelry! what a fun hobby :) I used to bead a lot, it is SO fun. and your pieces look great! thanks for your comment!

    The House of Shoes

  3. WOW,that's amazing!!!Great stuff honey!

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  5. good stuff!! i especially love the earrings :)

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  6. You did a nice job making that necklace and earrings! Very cute